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Saving Mathania!

See the Queen's message to Lumino

Oh no! Prince Lumino has been left in charge of Mathania and he's in big trouble.

He was too lazy to keep the town tidy and now the magical queen is on her way back!


He'll have to get all the numbers and shapes back in order, but how will he ever do it in time? He's going to need some help to sort out the mess before he's turned into stone!

Lumino needs help and we know just the children.


Your children will have to work in teams and travel around the amazing new world created in your hall. They will work together in practical maths challenges to save our hapless hero.

They will need to mend, build, fish, repair, sort, stack and even throw their way to success in a unique, fast-paced, hands-on maths adventure for children from EYFS to Year 2. 

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