Escape Crow Castle


Escape Crow Castle is an amazing event in schools to engage children with books and generate a love of reading.


Using your hall as the venue, we bring famous books to life by combining live theatre, interactive videos, 3D designed backdrops, props and the original texts to put children right in the centre of both the stories and their own action-packed quest to escape the castle.


Within their reading adventure, the books are recreated as different rooms of the castle. The children must work in teams and journey into the books that have been brought magically to life and search for clues.


They will need to read, infer, comprehend, spell, scan, skim and riddle their way to freedom, or face the Crow Queen and her dragons!

  Why Escape Crow Castle?

  • We create a love of reading - we bring books to life in a totally unique way

  • High engagement - our adventures create an instant wow! 

  • Modern - we engage even reluctant readers with our fast-paced, ultra-modern twist

  • Whole school - we have inclusive adventures from Reception to Year 6

  • Clue based - our quest ensures children read for meaning and comprehension 

  • Event works beautifully for a Book Day / Week or as enrichment to the curriculum

  • Classic texts - our adventures introduce children to classic and modern texts

  • Everything is designed and delivered by the creators of the Dark Codes maths days  

Escape Crow Castle is an all-action, immersive event that focuses on books and reading in a highly engaging way. It is a unique way to provide enrichment to the curriculum, develop reading skills and to promote a love of books and reading for all children from EYFS to Year 6.

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