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The Dark Codes 


What lies in the shadows for KS2?

A series of interactive, practical maths

challenges set by drama and media content - brought direct to your school.

A true adventure in practical, hands-on maths. A day full of mathematical reasoning and problem solving that is cleverly differentiated and requires children to work in teams and pass through each maths challenge zone, undetected by the invading Robotrons.

Year 3/4 maths days in schools

Throughout our maths days, content and delivery is continually adapted to each year group and ability.

Children will meet Laura; our most helpful computer based guide.

How long is an adventure? How many children can take part?

How much does it cost?

The maths challenge zones
Children pass through a series of maths challenge zones, set up by us in your hall. Can they find the codes that will bring down the Robotron's secret server room and save us all!
Maths Challenge for measures
Maths Challenge for coordinates
Maths Challenge for calculation
Maths Challenge for sequences
Maths challenge for number
Maths Challenge for number
Abandoned market
Professor's house
Deserted Hospital
Ghostly Train
Empty Mansion
The old school

Amazing photography by Artwork for backdrops supplied by 3D game artist Neil at Video: the concept of M Panait. 

Maths Challenge for shape
End game:
Robotron HQ!
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