Time Thief

Time travelling interactive maths adventure

"Search the lab. Find the codes and destroy that time machine!" 

Set within a laboratory, a time machine is being developed to bring chaos to the world - it must be destroyed! 

Find the hidden time portals which contain film-based maths challenges. Crack their passwords to access the next part of the mysterious self-destruct code.

You'll need to use mathematical reasoning in logic, number, shape/space and pattern to crack the codes and destroy the machine.

Only £10 per class!
(+ VAT)
How to order
Pay online or by invoice for copies of both LKS2 and UKS2 versions.
Pay online by credit /debit card.
 Or simply email us with a purchase order and we will reply with the weblink and an invoice for your school. 
What will you receive?
Each pack contains:

  • Two differentiated versions of 'The Time Thief' Online Maths Adventure 

  • ​​PLUS a whole week of maths lessons on problem solving and reasoning, full of simple, engaging, practical activities 

  • Video tutorial for the adventure

  • Differentiated game sheets

  • Teacher's notes and answer sheet

System requirements
You will need:
* Any device with a  keyboard -The Time Thief is not currently compatible with touch screen devices

How to play tutorial

Further info & Booking


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