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The Raven Chests 

You are trapped in the castle and only the secrets of The Raven Chests can help you escape.

Enter each castle room and solve the maths challenge within to unlock its chest and collect their magical contents. 

Children in KS2 will work in teams in a fast paced, hands-on maths adventure, where they will need to build, measure, reason, solve and calculate the clues to solve the mystery and escape the castle. 

For EYFS and KS1 we dial down the spookiness and add the fun in 'Dragon Spell'. The children use their shape and number skills as they visit the castle rooms to reveal the potion ingredients for a dragon vanishing spell.

Interactive videos, fast-paced, hands-on team challenges, atmospheric settings and great props and resources ensure this is a memorable, exciting adventure day hosted in your own school.The event engages all learners, enriches your curriculum and provides an educational event that creates a 'wow' throughout the whole school. 

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