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We are an education experience in schools. We provide exciting, modern, interactive and hands-on educational experiences for children in the areas of Maths or Reading.
Think of an immersive action-adventure game, wrapped up in a story full of intrigue and jeopardy. Now add the lastest media content, live theatre, professionally designed sets and tasks that are all curriculum based - and you have meaningful, inspired learning that makes other 'subject days' look positively dark age! 

Small Heading

"The children were so engaged and couldn't wait to get the codes"

M Bull - 

Maths Co-ordinator



Subject adventure days brought to your school   

server room stage
  • ​​Ultra-modern; innovative; unique 

  • Seamless mix of media content and theatre 

  • Centred on learning

  • Curriculum-focused

  • Physical, active problem solving

  • Fully differentiated

  • Designed and delivered by teachers    

  • Easy for schools: just provide the children

  • Highly engaging narratives

  • A 4D learning experience

  • Huge fun for all! 

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Subject Revolution offers high-tech and highly engaging maths days and reading days in schools. Using interactive video and practical, hands-on problem solving tasks, Subject Revolution is perfect as an inspirational topic launch, to celebrate recent learning or promote a subject in school such as book week or maths week. Mastery in action, an unforgettable learning adventure and a true revolution in subject days.